TBM is a Customer Loyalty Program. It is an Automatic Customer Retention Program That Guarantees A Significant Sales Increase.



Small business marketing — made simple.

Email, social, mobile, points, rewards and loyalty in one complete auto-pilot program
that drives buyers to your business and never stops.


 Tap in to Today’s Hottest Marketing Channels


Creates High-Profit Repeaters

High-impact email messages drive sales year-round. 100% automatic – you don’t lift a finger.


Attracts More Customers

Extend your reach and attract new customers. No Facebook experience needed.


Drives Instant Sales

Unleash the crowd-generating power of mobile marketing. At your fingertips when you need it.


Automate it (or it won’t get done)…


We’ll keep your business packed year-round…

We start by sending your entire customer list colorful, high-impact email messages containing irresistible offers — designed to drive their spending to YOUR business on major holidays & events…

And since customers prefer email to any other form of communication from businesses they like… your messages and offers are in the one place they check every day — their inbox.

You’ll see fast results too. Customers come in more often if you simply stay in touch with an occasional reminder… or a reason to stop by and spend money.

Customers spend their birthday money with you…

Every business owner knows the power of recognizing their customers’ birthdays. Of course! Birthdays are huge year-round spending opportunities. And studies prove that marketing campaigns—tied to birthdays—have one of the highest response rates of any form of advertising. Recognizing their “big day” creates instant goodwill… and warm feelings that translate into great PR and repeat business. “It’s a no-brainer!”

So, we’ll deliver a warm birthday greeting to your customer’s inbox one week before their special day… customers love that you remembered them… and response is high.

And if you’re a restaurant owner, get this: According to the National Restaurant Association, nearly 7 out of 10 adults visit a restaurant on their own or someone else’s birthday… making this, by far, the most popular occasion to dine out by nearly 2-to-1!

Drive Same-Day Sales With Mobile…

Every business has the occasional S-L-O-W day… so, you’ll also have the power (right at your fingertips) to drive spenders to your business — as needed… with text messages and offers.

FACT: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7

FACT: 97% of mobile messages get looked at – many within five seconds… most within one hour!

Imagine… reaching customers – instantly at the push of a button… any time you want… anywhere they are… with the absolute GUARANTEE that YOUR message has their FULL attention…

Loyalty turns customers into high-profit repeaters…

Our powerful Loyalty Suite straps rocket-boosters to your marketing. That’s because earning “points” is a powerful “tie-breaker” when customers are deciding where to shop or dine.

Customers overwhelmingly choose businesses that recognize and reward them for their loyalty.

Best of all, earning rewards keeps customers loyal to you rather than bouncing around from one discount to the next. Take a look…

Drive A Single Visit
Train Customers To Wait
Attracts Coupon Clippers


Drive Continual Visits
Train Customers To Spend
Attracts Eager Buyers

We’ll bring your “lost” customers back too…

Where’s Sally? She used to come in every Tuesday. Come to think of it… where’s that lady who always brought her grandkids? That cute couple?

How long has it been? A month? Two months? Three?

If you don’t know, then how can you possibly get them back? YOU CAN’T! And the customers you haven’t seen in a while are at the greatest risk for NEVER returning… perhaps being lost to your competition forever.

Don’t worry… Customer-Saver immediately springs into action and gives customers a compelling reason to return and spend money the minute they miss a regular visit. This one feature, all by itself MORE than pays for your entire Repeat Returns marketing service.

Community Connections makes YOU a hero and turns local groups into a promotional army…

Imagine: Starting tomorrow… an “army” of salespeople aggressively promoting your business to family and friends. Furthermore… they aren’t much concerned about coupons and discounts either. In fact, they want to spend MORE money with you. Why? Because every dollar they spend with you… helps their favorite cause and makes them feel good…

Attract new customers…

We’ve unlocked the secret to turning regular customers into raving fans who use their Facebook page to promote YOUR business to their family, friends, and co-workers.

This builds your customer base fast with powerful “word-of-mouth” referrals from customers.

Client results show that TBM:

Improves the number of customer visits (because it keeps you top-of-mind)…
Attracts new customers (because friends trust friend’s recommendations)…

The best part? You don’t need to know anything about Facebook.


Best of all — TBM is Easy to Use